Thoughts about being a nerd, loving stats and artistic consistancy

Thoughts about being a nerd, loving stats and artistic consistancy

First things first, I have another identity, not artistic, called billisdead : that comes directly from Kill Bill and a track I made :

That being said, let's continue. I am a big nerd in daily life. I love data, statistics, especially in the fields that I love.

So I thought I would share a tiny part of my real life by sharing my listening stats with you.

So you may not see the connection between the two topics but every time I get those music stats, I remember that I am not a consistant artist. I feel a lot of guilt about this, especially when I talk to other artists who are the most consistant persons I know. Their activity is extremely readable, understandable. They have one format, one concept they can multiply endlessly.

I am completely unable to do that : I am absolutely unable to do one thing only, multiply a product by the infinite. I feel that the world, is going to that direction unfortunately. If you have an idea now you need to label it, give it a name, a format, a twitter / x account or whatever social advertisement network, and multiply by the infinite, make it a serie, a flow/ I don't support this, but at the same time, others are recognized and I am isolated.

So I guess those music stats are a way for me to see some consistency in my listening habits, which I totally do not have in my creations. By the way, this blog is also a way to get some consistency, so hey, maybe there is hope.

See you guys, sometimes, somewhere, next time.